The 8 Best Car Gun Safe of 2022 – Expert’s Guide

Car Gun Safes

The majority of gun owners have no qualms about keeping a full-sized gun safe in their residence or even at their bedside. What fewer people consider, however, is how to transport their handguns safely!

Taking a pistol on the move to defend yourself is a common practice, but many individuals fail to consider the dangers of doing so. In light of the fact that so many weapons are now being taken out of automobiles. To prevent this, you’ll need a car safe, and fortunately, the market is flooded with high-quality solutions.

There are many names to choose from for your console, truck beds, under-seat storage, and more. This means that no matter where you store your handgun, you may secure it in your car. I spent a considerable amount of time researching all of the available possibilities and have come up with this list of 11 goods that I believe are the most suitable for various purposes.

Pro Tip: When purchasing a safe for your car, remember that you’re not purchasing an impenetrable barrier. In theory, a superior product will make it more difficult for someone to steal your handgun. Even though they’re less expensive and therefore less secure, some of these safes may still be the best choice for your lifestyle, even if they’re less secure. You may choose the best thing for you, not the best for someone else since I attempted to provide a broad selection of items in each area and at various price points.

1. Console Vault

Lock’er Down Console Safe with 4 Digit Combo, Keep Personal Items Secure and Organized in Car,...
  • Solid Domestic 12 Gauge Domestic Cold Rolled Steel
  • Fits 2014 to 2016 with Floor Console (See below for Complete Fitment)
  • Durable Black Powder Coat Finish Spring Assisted Door Hinge
  • Made in the U.S.A. with Lifetime Warranty
  • 4 Digit Combination Lock

When it comes to handgun storage in vehicles, this is undoubtedly the most well-known brand name. I’ve had the opportunity to test them out in person, and I can attest to their effectiveness. Instead of a one-size-fits-all option, you may purchase a safe that is specifically designed to suit the console in your car.

They provide safes for a wide range of automobiles, from Ford, Dodge, and Chevy to Volkswagen, Subaru, and even Hummer. They provide a solution for your Harley if you require a motorbike safe!

This company’s wide range of lock choices is another fan-favorite feature. You have the option of ordering a barrel key lock, a 3-digit combination, or a 4-digit combo when placing your purchase. Using their products, I’ve discovered that their build quality is exactly what you’d expect it to be, and their customer service is top-notch.


  • Depending on the model, the external dimensions might be different.
  • Weight depends on the model.
  • 3 digit, 4 digit, and barrel key lock types are available.


  • Fits your car like a glove.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • There are a variety of ways to secure the door.


  • Doesn’t apply to all automobiles.
  • There is no option for an electronic lock.

2. Locker Down

Lock'er Down® Console Safe with 4 Digit Combo, Keep Personal Items Secure and Organized in Car,...
  • KEEP YOUR PRODUCTS SAFE - This secure vault allows you to keep items safe in your car by protecting them with a 4 digit combination lock. This safe is made from solid domestic 12 gauge cold rolled steel allowing you to have peace of mind while storing your items in your car.
  • MODEL AND YEAR - This console safe fits the 2015 - 2019 Ford F150, 2017 - 2019 Ford Super Duty, and 2018 - 2019 Ford Expedition.
  • USB PORT - With access to the USB port from the outside or inside, you can have your devices connected while they are outside of the safe. If you need to charge your device while you are not in the vehicle, it can also be connected inside the safe.
  • ACCESSIBLE - With a 4 digit combination, you are able to get inside of this strongbox and easily access any of your valuables. This secure storage organizer also features a durable black powder coat finish with a spring assisted door hinge.
  • MADE IN THE USA - All Lock’er Down Safe products are proudly made in the United States of America and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Locker Down will be your next alternative if you don’t like Console Vault! Upon initial inspection, you’ll discover that this service is almost comparable to Console Vault, and you’d be correct!

This firm also makes safes for your car that are of the same quality and craftsmanship. Making it a direct rival for those mentioned above. It doesn’t matter to me which is better in terms of quality; both have a wide range of automobiles available.

A few of Locker Down’s enhancements set it distinct from Console Vault. In addition to the standard 12-gauge safes, the EXxtreme Console Safes may be purchased in a 10 gauge steel variant. In addition, many individuals prefer electronic locks, so this is another way to distinguish them.

It’s possible to secure your home with an Abloy key lock, an electronic keypad lock, or another kind of roller-style lock (what police use and is supposedly not pickable). They also provide several “one size fits all” solutions if you can’t find a safe for your particular car!


  • Depending on the model, the external dimensions might be different.
  • Weight depends on the model.
  • Electronic, four-digit mechanical, and Abloy key lock solutions are available.


  • Electronic and mechanical locks are available.
  • Steel alternatives with an improved quality standard.


  • Only a few lower-level lock choices are available.

3. RAPiD Vehicle Safe

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe – Gun Safe for Cars and Trucks, Safely Stow Gun in Vehicle – RFID...
  • Hornady Vehicle Gun Safe – Secure your duty-size or smaller handgun while in transit, or when leaving your firearm in your vehicle. Allows quick access and can be mounted on the driver or passenger side
  • RFiD Gun Safe – Patented RFiD technology delivers the fastest access to your handguns while you're on the road. Touch-free entry opens the car safe/truck safe instantly using the included wristband, key fob or decals
  • Easy to Install – This Hornady safe mounts between console and seat without any modifications. Neoprene cover protects finishes. Comes with a heavy duty 1500 lb. steel lock-down security cable that can also attach the safe to any stationary object
  • Convenient, Safe and Ready – Backup digital keypad and mechanical key offer additional entry methods. 12-volt car adapter and battery power ensure safe and effective gun storage 24/7. Exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance. California DOJ approved
  • Sizing and Specifications – Exterior: 12 x 6.4 x 2.2", Interior: 7.5 x 5.6 x 1.7". Fits standard 4-inch barreled pistols and smaller. Includes Rapid Vehicle Safe, wristband, key fob, (2) decals, (2) circular barrel keys, 1500 lb. security cable and 12V car adapter

On top of that, it’s one of the quickest and most distinctive safes on our list. When you inflate the safe’s air bladder, it holds it in place between your passenger seat and the center console, allowing you to easily reach your handgun from your seat. A security cable is also used to attach it to the car.

You can get into the safe using a combination of RFID, a keypad, and a barrel key port. Powered by a 12-volt automobile adapter or four AAA batteries, the safe is constructed of 14-gauge steel. Keep in mind that this safe can only contain one firearm, although many of the other safes on our list can hold two or more.


  • In terms of size, it is 12 inches tall by 6 inches wide and 2.2 inches deep. Unknown weight.
  • RFID, Keypad, and Barrel Key Locks are available.


  • Extremely easy to get to.
  • In a variety of methods.
  • Storage of a weapon in a novel manner.


  • RFID access isn’t always dependable
  • It can only hold one weapon at any one time

4. Snapsafe Under Bed Safes

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe, Large – Under Bed Gun Safe for Firearms, Ammunition and Valuables –...
  • SnapSafe Under Bed Safe – Store valuable belongings out of sight while retaining easy access. Open the large hidden safe using the digital lock (3 to 8 digit access code) or backup key
  • Space-Saving – The wide slide-out drawer accommodates shotguns, rifles (and other firearms) as well as other valuables including jewelry, laptops, tablets, documents, and expensive photography equipment
  • At Home or on the Road – Not just an under the bed safe, it also works as a trunk safe. Comfortably fits in the trunk of many small SUVs - ideal for valuable outdoor gear or hobby equipment. Please check measurements before purchase
  • Sizing and Specifications – Large size underbed safe. Measures 40 (W) x 6 (H) x 22(D) inches. Weighs 105 lbs. Constructed of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel. Pry resistant door design to stop unauthorized access
  • Easy, No Tool Install – Features pre-drilled holes for permanent installation. Includes commercial-grade 5 foot cable to provide added security when anchored to a stationary object. Ideal for renters or for in-vehicle use

These safes have been the subject of several blog posts on this site! Because of their low price and the fact that they can be used as both an under-bed safe and a car safe, these safes are highly useful. If it’s bolted to the back of a truck or SUV, a sliding tray may be pulled out to hold valuables like rifles and other gear. Re-insert and slide for a lock

There are three sizes of these safes: small, medium, and giant. The safe has 14-gauge steel construction and an electronic lock capable of accepting a three-to-eight-digit combination to open. It may be fastened down or connected to anything else using the security cable that comes with it.


  • Weight: 105 lbs. Dimensions: 40′′ wide by 6′′ high by 22′′ deep
  • A key backup is available for electronic locks.


  • Long firearms may be stored in this unit.
  • Astonishingly affordable


  • With a large base,
  • Less dense steel
  • Isn’t it a secret

5. Stealth SwiftVault 2.0 Auto-Open Biometric Pistol Safe

Stealth SwiftVault 2.0 Quick Access Biometric Pistol Safe Auto-Open Lid Fingerprint Handgun Safe CA...
  • QUICK ACCESS: Shock Assisted Pop-Up Door Provides Immediate Access to your Handgun when you Need it Most! New Advanced Security Features Include No Exposed Holes, Protective Cover over Biometric Scanner Button and Free Security Cable!
  • THREE WAYS TO OPEN: Biometric Fingerprint Scanner can Store 31 Different Combination, 4 Button Electronic Lock and High Security Laser Cut Key Override
  • THICK STEEL CONSTRUCTION: 12 Gauge Steel Body, 14 Gauge Steel Door, High Strength Locking Latch, 4 Bolt Down Holes for Secure Mounting with New Protective Cover over Change Combination Button and Free Security Cable
  • SILENT MODE & INTERIOR LIGHT: Optional Silent Mode for Stealth Entry and White Interior Light Illuminates the Inside Once Opened
  • EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 3.75" H x 8.5" W x 12.75" D WEIGHT: 10 lbs / For CA Customers: The SwiftVault 2.0 is a CA DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device

I’ve never heard of this before! I came into this one when searching for the greatest car safes. I mean, I’ve known about Stealth for a long time and have highlighted a lot of their items here. However, until I wrote this piece, I had no idea they had a model just for automobiles!

It’s neither the thinnest nor the thickest steel choice, but it’s also not the narrowest either, with a 12 gauge body and a 14 gauge steel door. In addition to the keyboard, you may also use a biometric fingerprint reader! Two handguns should be no issue for the safe.

As we’ll see in a minute, this isn’t something you’ll keep next to your driver’s seat, but rather something you’ll mount in the back of your car. So it’s more of a transportation device than a gadget for rapid usage in a car.


  • An 8 1/2-inch-wide, 3-inch-high, 12-inch-deep, and 10-pound piece of wood
  • Biometric, Key, and Keypad are all possibilities for unlocking.


  • a simple method
  • With a variety of locks to select from, as well as a high-quality steel gauge,


  • Installed in the front or beneath the seats is difficult.

6. Fort Knox PB4 Auto Pistol Safe FTK-Auto

Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5' Pistol Sock
148 Reviews
Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5" Pistol Sock
  • 10 Gauge Body with 3/16" Plate Door
  • Simplex Mechanical Lock with 1,081 Different Combinations
  • Carpet Lined Interior with Four Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes
  • Durable antique silver textured powder coat finish
  • Made in USA with a Lifetime Warranty

There is no other safe like the Original PB1 Fort Knox safe when it comes to pistols. It’s a simple, straightforward handgun safe that’s made of a lot of steel. However, did you realize that there is an automobile version?

With its front door, this one is ideal for fastening beneath your car’s seat! The safe is still made of 10 gauge steel, has a simple locking mechanism, and is padded inside. Nothing that you don’t need will be missing from this package.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the fastest-access safe on the market today, but it would be ideal for someone who just has to transfer a handgun and doesn’t need to be able to get to it while driving. To find out more about this safe, go here to read the full review.


  • The external dimensions are 9 inches wide by 4 inches high by 12 inches deep.
  • A simple lock option is available.


  • Simplex locking mechanism made of heavy-duty steel.
  • It was manufactured by an established firm.


  • Not easy to get to.
  • When it comes to securing the safe, certain automobiles are lacking.

7. SnapSafe Large Lock Box with Key Lock

SnapSafe Portable Lock Box for Guns and Valuables – Includes Lock Box, 2 Keys and Patented...
  • Security, Everywhere You Want It – Store and protect your handguns, passports, sensitive documents, heirlooms, media cards, ammo and other valuable items in this durable and portable gun safe / lock box by SnapSafe. Includes 1 keyed lockbox and 2 keys
  • Heavy Duty and Sturdy – SnapSafe Lock Boxes feature heavy duty 16 gauge housing and include a 1500 lb. rated cable for securing to stationary objects at home or in your vehicle. Available in 3 sizes - Large, XL and XXL
  • Ideal for Travel – The metal gun case provides handgun storage and security for concealed carry permit holders. Approved as a firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice and meets TSA airline firearm guidelines
  • Sizing and Specifications – Our Large lockbox measures 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches (exterior) and will fit most 4-inch barrel pistols, or some 4-inch revolvers. Space-saving design ensures maximum storage capacity
  • Install Anywhere – It easily fits in a suitcase or under a car seat. The foam interior protects your valuable contents. Makes a perfect camping lock box or dorm room lock box

For many individuals, many of the choices on this list have been too expensive! That’s why I made sure to provide a budget-friendly alternative on this page. Until you can afford something more permanent, the Snapsafe lockbox is an excellent temporary storage solution.

It’s made of thin (16 gauge) steel and can be secured with a key or a combination lock, making it exceedingly easy to use (for an upgraded cost).

In the end, it’s not a complicated process, but it should get you through without a hitch! Although it is possible for someone with a little determination to obtain entry, I would not leave this one alone for too long.


  • Size: 6 1/2′′ wide by 1 3/4′′ high by 9 1/2′′ deep Weight: 4 pounds External Dimensions: 6 1/2′′ wide by 1 3/4′′ high
  • Optional locks include a key lock and a combination lock.


  • Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence
  • Extremely transportable
  • It is possible to attach it to something heavier.


  • Very thin steel
  • There are no high-security lock alternatives available.



You can find some unique solutions from DECKED if you seek less of a safe solution and more organizational solution for your vehicle. On the surface, their system sits in the bottom of your truck bed and provides you with exceptionally big drawers that can be pulled out of the bed, allowing you to get to whatever is kept within with relative ease and quickness.

A locking rear tailgate on your vehicle would provide that added layer of safety since it would need the tailgate to be lowered to obtain access, ensuring that your things are safely secured and protected from not just the weather but also prying eyes.

To be honest, it’s not the most secure option, but it’s a fantastic one for many individuals seeking a means to keep their guns while driving to and from hunting trips.


  • Varies by vehicle in terms of outside measurements
  • Depending on the vehicle, weight might be a problem.
  • None of the available locking options


  • A substantial quantity of storage space is available.
  • It may be used for a variety of things.


  • Insufficiently protected
  • Expensive

Best Car Gun Safe Buying Guide:

In comparison to purchasing any other ordinary gun safe, purchasing a vehicle safely requires a few additional considerations.

Best Car Gun Safe


In contrast to most other gun safes, you must carefully consider how a safe will fit into your car. You should measure the area where you want to install the safe if you aren’t purchasing a vehicle-specific safe such as a Console Vault or a Locker Down to ensure that it will fit properly.


If you want to carry the safe you are purchasing from the automobile to your home, you must ensure that the safe is easy to move. In general, heavier and bigger safes make this more difficult.

Locking Mechanism

When purchasing a safe, keep an eye out for the kind of lock that it has. It’s important to think about what you need from the safe and make sure you have a lock that matches that purpose. Slower to open mechanical locks are trustworthy. In terms of speed, biometrics may be accessed more quickly, but they are less trustworthy.

Steel Gauge

The thickness of the steel used in car safes is less significant, and it is more vital to remain concealed. However, it is still important to know the safe’s steel gauge before purchasing it. The more steel you use, the heavier it becomes, but the more secure it is. Steel is lighter when it is thinner, but it is also less secure.


It is my sincere hope that this guide has assisted you in your search for an appropriate vehicle that is both secure and appropriate for your intended use! There are a wide variety of styles and choices to choose from. Even if you don’t plan on transporting your weapon, you should still have a safe, even if it isn’t on our list.



1. Where do you put a gun safe in a car?

As far as automobile gun safes go, there are a variety of options. A safe is the first step, but you may then place it beneath seats or in trunks or even under the center console of your automobile.

2. Can you keep a long gun in your car?

It is possible to store a long gun in your automobile in a variety of ways. If you have a tiny automobile, the only practical option is to put a safe in the trunk. The safes may be kept behind seats, in the truck bed, or in the storage space as you get into bigger SUVs and trunks.

3. What lock is best for a vehicle safe?

A biometric lock is the finest option if you want a safe that is easy to get into! I strongly suggest a Simplex lock if you’re just seeking to travel your handgun.

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