The 13 Best Gun Safe Brands: Brands of Gun Safes (2022)

Best Gun Safe Brands

Gun safes are an essential element of any gun owner’s possessions. Having their weapons in a safe protects them and their family secure from anybody who may want to get their hands on them.

Make sure that your gun safe comes from the top manufacturer and comes with the greatest warranty. If a product is excellent, then the producer is equally vital.

You may notice that there are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to this list since each organization has various offerings and everyone’s demands are unique.

All of them are merely firms that I would consider if I were in the market for a new safe at this moment. I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect safe for you!

1. SecureIt Tactical

When it comes to an industry, there are always a few outliers that cause a stir. Apple dominates the IT industry, while Tesla dominates the automotive industry.

Then there’s SecureIt Tactical, a gun-safe company! Videos of the founder dispelling claims by import gun safe manufacturers are available on their website if you spend any time going through the site.

As a result, the design alternatives really stand up to what they say and are quite transparent about their progress and accomplishments.

Take, for example, the SecureIt Agile 52 and 40. As a gun safe, they don’t claim to have a fire rating they don’t possess. Their stated protection is instead provided. You may also choose from the Answer Series or the True Safe if you want something more advanced.

2. Liberty Safes

As one of the world’s biggest makers of gun safes, this firm is a household brand. If you were to ask someone for a manufacturer’s name, the most probable answer would be this one.

The National Magnum series, one of the most costly gun safes on the market right now, is only one of the many options they provide.

I think you’re paying a little more for the brand than you should since superior safes are available at a lower price. However, if you go with a Liberty, you can be certain that you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong with the product. An in-depth look at the brand is provided in this essay I wrote.

3. Browning Pro-Steel

No, Browning does not really manufacture its own gun safes. It kind of does. Pro-Steel is a subsidiary of Browning, making Browning gun safes solely.

All the way up to the Platinum Plus safes, which have 7-gauge steel and some of the best fire ratings, these safes are available at a price range of less than $1,000.

They also have some of the most beautiful interiors I’ve ever seen. The unique Axis interior provides a modular inside safe that is both visually appealing and highly practical.

The Sporter series may not have the greatest inside, but its interior is quite useful and one of my go-to safes right now if you do not require anything pricey.

Before you go too far with your Browning quest, I would consider using Browning’s safe builder on their website. Once you’ve completed the form, a local merchant may give you a quotation.

4. Rhino Metals

Distressed finishes, which Browning and Fort Knox have since adopted, were pioneered by this business. It’s not their particular brand of safe that makes them distinctive. They have some of the best gun safes built in the United States, with an astounding steel structure and excellent craftsmanship.

They also have two safe import lines: Bighorn, which you can get at Costco, and Kodiak, which you can get from them. These two companies are excellent value for your money, and I strongly encourage you to check them out.

It doesn’t really matter whatever safe you buy from them; you can be certain that you’re receiving a high-quality product. Not only can they create doors for whole rooms, but they can also make gun safes.

5. Fort Knox

One of the most customized safes on the market is Fort Knox, one of the major gun safe manufacturers today. The locking system may be customized, including the addition of redundant locks. Even the design of the hinge you choose may be customized.

Calling Fort Knox is worth the time and effort if you’re searching for something really specific in the safe.

Regardless of what you create with them, everything is secured for life, including the lock, which isn’t typical. This is a significant perk (normally, manufacturers will warranty everything else and leave the lock-up to the lock manufacturer).

6. Vaultek

This firm hasn’t been around for a very long time when it comes to safe gun security, but they’ve swiftly become an industry leader.

This company has lately expanded into full-size gun safes, such as those in the RS500i series and the RS200i series, which I’ve used extensively in the past.

With the LifePod, they’ve taken what they’ve learned from their gun safes and made it accessible to a wider audience. Luxe Blue, a new hue, is also available!

Vaultek’s goods may be ideal for those who aren’t very concerned with technology. However, if you’re a fan of Vaultek’s products but don’t want all the bells and whistles, they provide more basic models without Bluetooth and WiFi (VE20, 10-Essential, etc.)!

7. Amsec

Since I’m being really honest, I don’t discuss Amsec nearly enough on this blog. This may be due to the overwhelming number of the gun, home, and business safes they carry.

The BF line of high-end, cement-filled safes is worth a look for anybody looking for genuine protection. SecureIt’s True Safe is a direct rival to them. In addition to its TF line of safes, Amsec also manufactures a wide variety of additional safes.

The American Security (AMSEC) website is the best place to get a sense of what they have to offer. Because “American” is in the company name, it does not indicate that all items are manufactured in the United States. I don’t believe it’s a negative thing, but it’s something that I don’t think most people are aware of. ‘

8. Vault Pro

It’s now time to speak about Fort Knox, which we’ve previously described as a customizable safe. Even though they have direct competition, the Vault Pro is it.

In addition to their attention to detail, Vault Pro’s doors are recognized for having very tiny gaps surrounding them. In my opinion, their prices are a little excessive at times, but their quality stands out as one of the finest in the industry.

9. Snapsafe

Currently, this gun safe is one of my favorites on the market. In addition to their excellent fire rating and high steel thickness, they also provide a detachable gun safe system that incorporates a dual door system on their bigger safes.

Even though they are imported safes, they are a good value for the money. They also have several under-the-bed safes, which are a good alternative for those who can’t put a full-size gun safe in their house if you’re not looking for a full-size safe.

10. Tracker Safe

Tracker Safe, a lesser-known brand, offers an outstanding value for steel ratio. Retailers include Home Depot and Lowes, but unlike other gun safes sold by big-box stores, this one comes with many high-quality features.

For me, the best part about this brand is that, despite the fact that their safes are imported to America, the locking mechanism is installed after they come here.

In other words, a person who has a stake in the product is in charge of quality control for a critical component. 5 facts you may not have known about these gentlemen are detailed in this post here.

11. Tactical Walls

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the Tactical Walls gun safe. Then then, there are many “gun safe manufacturers” who don’t really produce gun safes. For a reasonable price, this business produces several high-quality diversion safes.

To me, the most useful of them is the Issue Box, a tissue box that comes in handy when you have an issue. They build a clever clock that conceals a handgun behind its face. Tactical Walls also makes a vault door called the ModWall, which you should certainly check out if you’re in the market for one.

12. Zanotti Armor

If you’re looking for a gun safe that’s built in the United States, Snapsafe is a good option. You decide to invest in an Armor Safe from Zanotti.

They may lack a fire certification, but these safes feature a modular design and are built to a high standard.

13. Console Vault

Okay, so I had to include at least one vehicle-specific gun safe maker. Products from Console Vault keep your console safe and sound.

A few years ago, they sent me one for my old vehicle, and it’s really great. Installing it takes less than 10 minutes with the incorrect tools, and once it’s up and running, you can get to it quickly and easily.

You may choose from a variety of locking systems in their safes, which is wonderful. This list of the greatest wall safes would not be complete without including their wall safe!

Other Manufacturers?

In addition to these companies, there are many others that I will not be able to cover in this post. However, here is a list of some businesses that you should definitely at the very least consider doing business with.

  1. Cannon Safe
  2. Winchester
  3. Stack-On
  4. Steelhead Outdoors
  5. Stealth Tactical
  6. Sun Welding Safes
  7. Ironman Safes
  8. Stopbox
  9. Locker Down
  10. Champion Gun Safes



Who makes the best gun safes?

That being said, you now know which manufacturers I believe are the finest available on the market today. You may, however, still be wondering, “Who produces the greatest gun safes?” That would be a fantastic moment to go through the contents of this essay in detail.

It goes into depth about the finest gun safes in each category.

What gun safes are made in the USA?

Yes, I am well aware that not all products manufactured by the companies on this list are produced in the United States. That being the case, I have to suggest you in the direction of this list of the finest gun safes manufactured in the United States of America (USA).

Keep in mind that just because a safe is manufactured in the United States does not imply that it is the best safe for you, or even that it is a decent safe at all. Just make sure you do your homework before making a purchasing decision.

Gun safe brands to avoid?

Finally, after learning which manufacturers are currently producing the greatest gun safes, we can learn which firms should be avoided.

In the security domain, I would simply advise adhering to the “if it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t” philosophy of operation. It is possible to find many knock-off manufacturers that aren’t concerned with losing their brand name if their lock breaks or a child gains in.

If you get the impression that a firm is making outlandish promises and only charges a quarter of what the competition charges, you should generally steer clear of it.

Cutting shortcuts while looking for a gun safe is not the greatest time to put this to the test since, in the world of gun safes, you get what you pay for. You could, on the other hand, prefer a usage safe.

Always remember that a gun safe is defined very broadly (as seen in this bill) and that anybody may advertise a gun safe without being deemed to be doing so.


Purchasing a gun safe is quite similar to purchasing a vehicle in that it requires time, patience, and a budget to get the best deal. Many of the brands on this list may not be a good fit for you, but I am hopeful that at least one of them will be a good match.

You will likely be pleased with any of their items. Of course, they all produce items that are very different from one another. It’s just a matter of doing your study, having fun, and keeping your weaponry secure.

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